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Turquoise Stitch Markers

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Let's face it, not all stitch markers are created equal.

Some markers look pretty on a website, but once you get them on your needles, they leave you less than delighted. Maybe they're a little too heavy. Maybe the loop has a nasty habit of catching on finer yarns. Maybe the pretty charm that you loved so much likes to tangle with your working yarn every time you purl. Maybe the ring is so big on your tiny needles that you feel like you're swimming. 

Try these Infinity Ring markers!

  • The unique tear drop shape gives just a little bit more wiggle room than traditional round loops and lets each marker glide from needle to needle like butter. (Seriously, you won't believe how lovely that is).
  • All ends are safely tucked into the decorative bead so there is absolutely nothing to snag on even your most delicate fine yarns.
  • The little bead hugs close to your needles, making them just substantial enough to feel easily as you knit (so you don't just blow past it) but unobtrusive enough that there is nothing to tangle in your yarn or your stitches.