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Original Doodle Deck

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Original Doodle Pattern Card Deck

The ultimate way to inspire creative colorwork!

This is the original deck meaning it has a medley of stitches for every season and occasion. Use these flexible, mix-and-match chart cards to visually re-arrange and design the perfect Doodle pattern.

Whether for you or your favorite knitting friend (or both?), this choose-your-own-adventure colorwork chart pack is perfect for knitters of any skill level.

How it works:
-Choose your construction method
-Choose your doodle charts
-Choose your order/colors
-Start Knitting

This Deck includes instructions for 2 patterns:

-Infinty Cowl (3 sizes)
-Standard Cowl (3 sizes)

Once you select your construction method above, use the chart cards to help visually plan out your colorwork:
-Use charts in any order
-Use charts in any theme together
-Stack vertically to see what the full chart looks like
-Change your mind? Re-arrange again!

Once you have your order determined, collect your stack of cards in that order to work charts one at a time.

-Many include both standard and inverted contrast
-Draw cards at random for an added surprise
-Create your own charts with the same 24-stitch repeat to customize even more!

54 Card Deck includes:
-2 pattern Instruction Cards
-12 Border Chart Cards
-20 Autumn/Halloween Chart Cards
-20 Winter/Holiday Chart Cards

Card size:
All cards are standard playing card size (3.5" x 2.5") and include a plastic carrying case so you can see your active chart card on top of the deck

Pattern Sizing & Gauge:
Instructions shown for small, medium, and large cowls, which equates to 20", 24", 28" circumference. 

Sizing is based on DK weight gauge of 24 sts per 4".
To adjust for additional yarn weights, cast on multiples of 24 sts.

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