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Billy the Unicorn Wooble

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Unicorn Crochet Kit

Meet Billy the Unicorn
With his fabulous hairdo, Billy is the life of any party! Totally suitable for beginners, this kit offers a bit of a challenge and a whole lot of awesome.

Not sure how to tackle those wooble-icious bangs and swooping mane? Don't worry, our easy-to-follow videos will lead you through every step. So embrace your inner diva and giddy up, because this Weeble doesn't horse around when it comes to bringing the magic. Billy the Unicorn is a particularly rare sighting, as he is usually off tootin' rainbows. So snag him while you can!

Can I really learn how to crochet from these kits?
You bet - over 250,000 people have learned crochet with the Woobles, and you can be next! Just follow the step-by-step video tutorials that come with each learn-to-crochet kit. Our beginner kits also come pre-started to get you over the first hump.

What's Included:

  • Step-by-step video tutorials
  • The Woobles Easy Peasy yarn, custom-made for beginners
  • Pre-started for you, so you can get right into practicing the main crochet stitch
  • Unlimited help over e-mail, plus virtual crochet office hours
  • Plastic eyes
  • Stuffing
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Stitch Marker
  • Unicorn crochet pattern as a PDF download
  • 4mm ergonomic crochet hook 

Skill Level
Beginner, recommended for ages 12+

Righty? Lefty?
We've got you covered. Our pre-started beginner crochet hooks work for both righties and lefties, and all Wooble crochet tutorials have both right-handed and left-handed versions.

About 4" tall. As a handmade item, exact size depends on the crocheter.