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Basic Doodle Deck

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Basic Doodle Card Deck

Your new portable colorwork stitch dictionary!

This is the ultimate way to inspire creative colorwork. Use these flexible mix-and-match chart cards to visually rearrange and design the perfect colorwork pattern from start to finish. The Basic doodle deck includes simple, geometric motifs that work with any theme. It's a great "companion set" to any of the other seasonally themed doodle decks. This is a beginner-friendly deck because it focuses on designs with short floats that are easy to memorize, making it ideal to get started.

What's included:

  • 1 How to Doodle instruction card
  • 2 Full color, illustrated cowl schematics with bullet list instructions
  • 51 Unique 24-stitch colorwork charts
  • Printed on Smooth Coating Casino Paper Stock (2.5" x 3.5")
  • Custom printed cardboard tuckbox

Chart examples include:
  • Dots, X's, and Plus symbols
  • Zigzags and diamonds

How to Use Cards with Doodle Cowl Patterns: 
  • Choose your theme. Pick chart cards that have the motifs you want.
  • Choose your pattern. Pick which pattern or construction method you prefer. Every chart works with every Doodle Cowl pattern
  • Choose your yarns. Pick a skein or two for your main color, and a handful of mini skeins for contrast colors.
  • Go start knitting. Pick your first motif and colors and just start knitting. You can change up colors with every new motif or keep it simple with 1 main color and 1 contrast color.

How to use with Non-Doodle Patterns:
  • Design your own pattern shape and plug in your charts
  • Add a motif to the hem of a 'vanilla' sweater, mitten, or sock