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Neons & Neutrals

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Neons & Neutrals

A knitwear collection curated by Aimee Gille of La Bien Aimee includes 16 patterns that invites crafters to combine yarn in new and unexpected ways across brands and bases.

These designs showcase modern knitting at its best, using a variety of techniques and unique and unexpected color combinations. Most of the patterns are photographed in two different samples -- worked in different colors and yarns, giving you ample inspiration for your own versions. In this book you will find a collection full of unexpected colors and textures that invite you to knit beyond your comfort zone.

This collection celebrates solidarity and cooperation: to showcase the many talented people in the knitting community.

This book features designs by the following designers: Inese Sang, Maaike van Geijn, Karen Cronje, Anna Husemann, Layla Yang, Caitlyn Turowski, Cecelia Campochiaro, Valerie Ng, Maysa Tomikawa, Florence Spurling, Lotta H Lothgren, Brandi Cheyenne Harper, Marie Regnier, Susan Chin, Brienne Moody and Julia Wilkens.