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 Summer is for Knitting Classes

Registration is required for all classes. 

Call us at 413 586 4331 to register.




Summer Drop-In Sessions

This summer, if you need help with a knitting problem, take advantage of our drop-in sessions. On Wednesday and Friday mornings, from 10am-12 pm Linda will be available to solve problems, answer questions and keep your knitting healthy and successful. The drop-ins cost $15 and last for the full 2 hours. If you don’t have a problem (lucky you) just come and knit with like minded souls and share the unique

 atmosphere at our table. 

Everyone is welcome. Drop-ins begin the week of June 4th and run through August 13th.

I am very excited to add these crocheting workshops to the summer schedule. If you crochet (or know some one who does) please ask about these workshops and any upcoming ones. I want to keep the crocheters happy too and there is a lot going on in the crochet world today.


Crochet Linen Stitch

Learn to make the basic crochet stitch- a simple chain and a single crochet, can go a long way to create a very up to date look. This is a beginner class that will also intrigue more experienced crocheters as they all try to keep their work looking fun and fashionable. 

 Wednesday July 23 5:30-7:30     $20   


Wednesday July 30 3pm-5pm             $20                                                                       

C2C  for the intermediate crocheter

This technique is the most popular new technique on the web. Everyone is doing it and you should learn it too! Made in one piece from corner to corner, this afghan gives you a reason to use up all the small balls of yarn- but it also fun to buy all new yarn too! Come learn how to crochet from one corner to the other and you'll be as addicted to this technique s I am! (I actually made my first C2C baby afghan in just 2 days).  



 Entrelac Scarf

The mystery of entrelac will be revealed and you will be an expert in this magical knitting technique that turnsknitted fabric into a woven look.
July 26, 10-12pm  $35  You will need several colors of worsted weight yarn or a self striping yarn and size 8 needles.


Short Row Hat

Let the yarn do the work, all you have to do is knit and turn, knit and turn. Linda will introduce you to the short row technique that will change your short row life.

   July 30   Wednesday  5:30-7:30pm  $20  You will need size 7 knitting needles, or a size G crochet hook and 4 colors of yarn.







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